A downloadable game for Windows and Android

An epic revolver-filled vengeance quest.

Track and find Don Etron, responsible for the murder of your family and even worse. Make him pay for his crimes...

Confront numerous enemies, use covers at your advantages ; avoid death by shooting and reloading at the right time. Your reflexes will be tested, your nerves will be challenged...



- You can't be hit while in cover, but this applies to enemies too !

- Always keep an eye on your ammo. You don't want to get dry when getting out of cover.

Disclaimer : This game was made for the "Make something horrible" jam hosted by CanardPC.
It kind of misses the point because i didn't intend to do something horrible, just something that i assumed would be horrible since this is my first game ever "released".
So i've just done my best during the few days i spent on it. I hope you'll enjoy.

Install instructions

The project is made with Unity but there are some issues with the webplayer, so standalone install is required :

1. Download and unzip

2. Start .exe file

Notes: windowed mode is recommended since game is very ugly ; only mouse is required, so you can keep your hand in your pants.

Controls: Hold right click to stand up (or hold space). Left click to fire (when standing up), or reload (when crouching).

Android : Not extensively tested. Hold left of screen (1/3 of the screen) to stand up, tap anywhere on the right to fire/reload.

You'd of course need to enable third party apk.


Gunslinger.zip 13 MB
Gunslinger.apk 22 MB